Host simple websites using Docker and Jekyll for only five $5 bucks a month.

  • Used along with jQuery to add site interactivity, tag management and analytics.

  • Provides use of Docker for local development on non-native systems like OS X.

  • Used to manage Grunt and some build pipeline packages, such as imagemin.

  • Modify and commit posts using the Git plug-in without ever switching windows.

  • As an open location to store source files.

  • Free account used for 301 redirects from to, to add resource caching headers and to optimize site performance.

  • Allows readers to comment on and interact with posts. Helps build a community.

  • Jekyll is built on Ruby and its plug-ins are written in it and distributed as Gems. Great community!

  • Used along with boot2docker to enable containerized development with Docker on OS X.

  • Octopress 3 is used to provide a convenient way of managing posts. I've written a number of posts on Octopress. Check 'em out!

  • The meat and potatoes. Jekyll builds the site from Markdown files with super simple YAML front-matter.

  • Docker is used for local development along with boot2docker and VirtualBox as described in Simple websites with Jekyll and Docker. It's also used on the server to build and house the site. Additionally the container is hosted free with automated builds on DockerHub.

  • Used to simplify management and scalability of Nginx.

  • It's jQuery. What more can I say?

  • Nginx is used to serve the site from within Docker via Passenger, as well as for error page and www to non-www HTTP redirects.

  • Grunt fills a gap in the Jekyll asset pipeline by augmenting Jekyll. It's used to minify images, concatenate and uglify JS and soon to upload images to an S3 bucket at the subdomain.

  • Jekyll uses Sass. I like to use Sass. This stack now uses Sass.

  • The ultimate hosting provider. Solid-state drives. Virtual Private Servers. $5 per month. Pinch me am I dreaming? If you can dream it you can build it too.

  • Cookie-free subdomain static asset hosting and log dumping from Segment.

  • Pingdom is used for downtime alerts and Real User Monitoring via the integration.