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  • Bootstrap

    jiavudeen My Stack

    it helps beginners to learn to code and build websites

  • GitHub

    jiavudeen My Stack

    as nowadays almost every website uses github credentials as login info's

  • Google Drive

    jiavudeen My Stack

    it provides unlimited storage for entrepenuers to expand their capabilities further their boundaries by making them collabarating them with each others

  • Google Cloud IoT Core

    jiavudeen My Stack

    as you might know IOT devices are making the world upside down the play music,the are programmed to be your voice assistant,the order food,the play with you,they do the household works like cleaning the floor,dish washing etc...

  • AWS Greengrass

    jiavudeen My Stack

    well i dont know much about this tool my friend suggested this to me so i added it

  • Zulip

    jiavudeen My Stack

    its a great tool for bussiness development and business advertiseements