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PubNub is a great tool for developers looking for an easy to use, real-time messaging service. PubNub's Publish/Subscribe APIs are some of the easiest to use in the industry, and their speed and reliability of service are unparrell. While many companies out there offer a wide range of pubsub and message queuing services, I've personally found that PubNub is the easiest to setup and get started with. When I was an indie game developer, I used PubNub as the realtime chat component in my application, and it also powered realtime drawing between players. The cost compared to spinning up my own servers globally was much cheaper, and I was happy that I decided to go with PubNub. While you could build it yourself, why when PubNub makes it so easy to get something up and running. Spend less time coding and more time marketing, that's always been my philosophy. PubNub Unity

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ahmedcutestudio mohmaed
ahmedcutestudio mohmaed
November 10th 2020 at 7:59AM

oh this year ago but anyway you must be an expert by now . so i would be happy to tell you unity is doing good for apps dev but you must save time by baying tools thats works with unity (Assets)

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