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You don't need to write any code or install any software to extract data with Kimono. The easiest way to use Kimono is to add our bookmarklet to your browser's bookmark bar. Then go to the website you want to get data from and click the bookmarklet. Select the data you want and Kimono does the rest. We take care of hosting the APIs that you build with Kimono and running them on the schedule you specify. Use the API output in JSON or as CSV files that you can easily paste into a spreadsheet.

Kimono's Features
  • Build an API in seconds with kimono to power your apps, models and visualizations with live data without writing any code
  • The kimono smart extractor recognizes patterns in web content allowing you get the data you want quickly and visually
  • We host your APIs and data in the cloud and run them on the schedule that's right for you
  • We serve up cached data even if the source URL is down or the extractor fails
  • App builder lets you create responsive web apps on top of your APIs without writing any code

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