• For iOS app. Soon Android and eventually web client too.

  • The glue. No middle tier servers. Rely on Firebase to deliver shared and non shared data for groups. Normalized JSON. Utilize security and hosting to deliver static assets and configuration data.

  • General relational data for configuration and integration. Some reporting. Use as a better "mongo" for json document storage.

  • Data pump from Firebase into Apache Nifi. Manages keys to only listen for newest data.

  • Kanban board.

  • Team communication and archiving of some assets.

  • Run tests and then deploy.

  • SCM. Utilize it for multiple sub projects of this project. Server. iOS client. NPM private module. ETL project. Analytics project. (They all deploy to different places so I keep them separate.)

  • Sink for all of our data.

  • host nifi and node.js

  • DNS

  • Utilize npm private module to package shared library for different React / React Native clients. Shareable code goes here. Basically deliver Redux Store with Firebase integration and business logic in a library. Each React app utilizes this while delivering a device/target specific UI.

  • React Native and private npm library for business logic

  • Integrate with data providers. ETL functionality. Postgres interactions. Generate static json data assets.

  • It's the language of Spark. DStreams and transformations.