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What is LiveFyre?

Livefyre’s real-time apps get your audience talking and turn your site into the hub for your community. Bloggers, brands and the largest publishers in the world use Livefyre to engage their users and curate live content from around the social web.

LiveFyre is a tool in the Commenting Service category of a tech stack.

Who Uses LiveFyre?

13 companies use LiveFyre including Kivo, Cossette, and Zignal Labs.

Why people like LiveFyre

Here’s a list of reasons why companies and developers use LiveFyre.

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LiveFyre's Features

  • SocialSync- With Livefyre SocialSync, the conversation happening on Facebook and Twitter automatically syncs directly to your content, where it belongs.
  • Social Sign In- Users have the option to sign in with multiple social networks to put a face to their name and comments.
  • Friend Tagging- Getting your friends in on the conversation is as simple as typing the “@” sign. Easily invite Facebook and Twitter friends to join the conversation right from the comment box.
  • Comment Sharing- With one click, users can easily share comments with their friends on other social networks including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Comment Liking- Livefyre even shows the avatars of every user who’s liked a comment.
  • Rich Text Editor- bold italics, or create a bulleted list to drive home your argument.
  • LinkBack- LinkBack encourages community interaction by letting other Livefyre bloggers display a link to their latest post when they leave a comment.
  • Live Listeners- lets readers know exactly how many people are on the current page or have followed the conversation, giving them more incentive to leave a thoughtful response.
  • Comment Notifiers- The widget shows you who is participating in the conversation and what they are saying as it happens, all without losing your place on the page
  • Media Embedding- Livefyre Comments 3 enhances your media embedding options so that you can share photos from Flickr and Instagram, play videos from YouTube and Vimeo, flip-through slide decks on SlideShare, listen to songs from SoundCloud and Spotify, geek-out on animated gifs from Myspace, and even feature Wikipedia articles directly in the conversation stream.
  • Comment Editing- Comment Editing allows users to edit their own comments within a specific time frame so that they can fix their spelling mistakes without changing the context of the following comment stream. Site admins can make edits to all comments as well.
  • User Profiles- Our user bios allow community members to share a bit about themselves and the topics they care about, while also showing the conversations where they have left comments.
  • Spam Protection- thanks to real-time machine-learning protection your comments are basically spam-free.
  • Community Flagging- Multiple admin flagging options give you more insight into the quality of the conversation, and community members can leave you a note to provide further explanation.
  • Leave Comment Notes- Admins can communicate with other moderators on your site to follow-up with a particular commenter, or visit their blog to leave a comment.
  • Multiple Moderators- Designate as many moderators as you'd like—editors, guest authors, community managers—and kick it up a notch by managing their access levels too.
  • Ban & Whitelist Users- Streamline moderation by allowing a core group of readers to comment on your site without passing through the moderation process with Whitelists. You can also deal with trolls and flamers quickly and efficiently by designating them as banned users - removing them and their comments from your community.
  • Profanity Lists- Every comment is processed through Livefyre’s real-time profanity filters, even the words you didn’t even know existed get nixed before they hit the page.
  • User Activity- Keep track of the most active participants in your community and see what conversations they are taking part in on other Livefyre blogs.
  • Moderation and Conversation Reports- Get a view of your most active users and conversations at a glance. Organize your reports by date range and easily track which conversations need your attention.

LiveFyre's alternatives

  • Disqus - Elevating the discussion, anywhere on the web.
  • Commento - Lightweight, open source, tracking-free alternative to Disqus
  • Talk - A better commenting experience from Mozilla, The New York Times, and The Washington Post

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