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Log Management SaaS, compatible with ELK stack. It exposes Elasticsearch API and Kibana, has compatibility with Grafana, powerful search, reporting, correlation with metrics, alerting, and anomaly detection. Also Available On Premises.

Logsene's Features
  • Available in the Cloud and On Premises
  • Exposes Elasticsearch API
  • Includes Kibana
  • Can be used with Grafana
  • Ability to correlate logs, metrics, and events
  • Alerting, Anomaly Detection
  • Integrations with numerous ChatOps services
  • Ship data with Logstash, Syslog, Fluentd, Beats, Logagent, etc.
  • Excellent integration with Docker through a lightweight container with built-in log parser
  • Multi-user and RBAC support
  • Powerful search and filter functionality