A Kibana plugin to view, search and tail logs and events

What is LogTrail?

LogTrail is a plugin for Kibana to view, analyze, search and tail log events from multiple hosts in realtime with devops friendly interface inspired by Papertrail.

LogTrail is a tool in the Log Management category of a tech stack.

LogTrail is an open source tool with 1.14K Github Stars and 138 Github Forks. Here’s a link to LogTrail's open source repository on Github

Who Uses LogTrail?

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Why people like LogTrail

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LogTrail's Features

  • View, analyze and search log events from a centralized interface
  • Clean & simple devops friendly interface
  • Live tail
  • Filter aggregated logs by hosts and program
  • Quickly seek to logs based on time

LogTrail's alternatives

  • Logstash - Collect, Parse, & Enrich Data
  • Papertrail - Hosted log management for servers, apps, and cloud services.
  • Logentries - Real-time log management and analytics built for the cloud
  • Graylog - Open source log management that actually works
  • Loggly - Log Management, Simplified in the Cloud.

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