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Mailjet is a real-time Cloud Emailing platform: scalable, agile and flexible. Our unique algorithm boosts your deliverability and our platform provides in-depth insight so you can optimize more than ever.

Mailjet's Features
  • Easy 3 minute set-up: Change one SMTP parameter on your website and you are ready to use Mailjet.
  • Real-time efficiency: View the charts, tables and status of your emails sent as they change in real-time, providing you with full transparency.
  • Increased deliverability: Our unique algorithms ensure emails are routed via the most effective IP address. Our partner Return Path (TM) enables us to dynamically measure and manage IP reputation.
  • Dedicated IP address: Avoid the potential of reductive performance and negative reputation issues by managing your own dedicated IP status.
  • Reputation management: Benefit from our smart technology that measures and increases campaign deliverability by applying optimization features such as senders parameters, message content check, ISP volume restrictions and much more.
  • Advanced deliverability settings: Include of course full support of DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail), SPF (Sender Policy Framework), local ISP recommendations... to ensure an excellent deliverability for your emails.
  • Multiple API Options: You can develop your own scripts and applications on top of our system, and gain access to our API from almost any programming language.
  • Alerts & statistics: You can track emails sent in real-time. Receive campaign alerts, and manage each campaign's open, bounce and spam rates.
  • Improved error handling: Numerous tools to help qualify your email base and identify undesirable recipients, like auto-blocking of addresses that are generating bounces and spam complaints.

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