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For weeks I have been researching to find an open source video conferencing platform that allows integration from native clients. I am working on a solution that would need to communicate from a native app via a windows dll (at least initially). Ultimately, I want any OS to talk to it natively. A lot of platforms provide the JavaScript interface (like Jitsi) but wrapping this in a windows dll is both complicated and has a huge footprint. What open source video conference servers are available that have native windows clients that can be packaged in a DLL?

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I don't have recommendation yet but I have a question to understand further - what stops you writing your own code using webrtc? Peerjs could help speed up the development. My experience writing webrtc client was that it is super easy to get started with and build something useful out of it. But to make it fault tolerant(addressing challenges such as firewall, NAT traversal, etc.), there is a significant effort you need to make - signalling server, ICE/TURN/STUN servers, etc.

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May 4th 2021 at 8:10PM

Thanks for your response.

I am looking to leverage an existing open source solution so that I can avoid rebuilding the signaling server, ICE/TURN/STUN servers, etc. I want to start with something rather than building from the ground up.

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