Mountain View, CA

Test Infrastructure Engineer (Mountain View)

As a Test Infrastructure Engineer, you have the opportunity to automate the testing and improve the quality of Aerospike. You will be responsible for designing and implementing test automation infrastructure using Mesos, Docker, Virtual Machines and cloud hosting providers. You will enable software engineers to develop tests using frameworks you develop and maintain. You will empower release engineers with the a one-click build, test and release process. Your job is to accelerate product development by helping your teammates help themselves. Test Infrastructure Engineers at Aerospike are focused on the automating the the most reliable, high performance, distributed database available.
  • Develop and improve automated test infrastructure.
  • Develop and improve test frameworks for various programming languages.
  • Monitor and analyze problems in our tests, then assist software engineers in diagnosing and resolving issues.
  • Ensure release engineers are able to easily build, test and release software on the automated system.
  • Collaborate with software and support engineers to deploy Aerospike clusters to reproduce and analyze problems reported from field.
  • BS in Computer Science or related technical field.
  • 3+ years of software development or software automation systems.
  • Extensive knowledge of UNIX/Linux environments.
  • Programming skills in one or more languages, including C, Go, Java or Python.
  • Scripting skills in Python, PERL or Shell.
  • Strong communication and documentation skills.
  • Flexible, "do what needs to be done" attitude.
  • Experience with continuous integration systems such as Hudson/Jenkins, TeamCity, Bamboo, or similar.
  • Understanding of operating system concepts, networking and/or distributed systems.
  • Experience with either Ansible, Chef, Puppet or similar.
  • Experience with Docker, CoreOS and/or Mesos.
  • Work with this stack