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Austin, TX

Customer Experience Engineer

Our mission in Dropbox is to simplify the way people work together. With a user base of over 500 million, the Customer Experience team simplifies how our users and customers interact with Dropbox. We focus on understanding the customer journey as well as where we can simplify interactions and improve the Customer Experience.
Team Description 
The Customer Experience Tools Team is responsible for building and maintaining tools that Dropbox uses internally to provide customer support, and that we use externally to help users solve their problems.
Role Description 
As a Customer Experience Engineer, you’ll make it easier for our Customer Experience team to understand and solve users’ problems, shape how users interact with Dropbox through our support website, integrate support ticketing with other internal systems, be a champion of secure and scalable internal development practices, and build tools that help users diagnose and solve issues on their own.
  • Implement internal services and integrations using Python and SQL, connecting to services like Salesforce and Zendesk
  • Build internal and external-facing web applications using Python, HTML and Javascript and a variety of open-source technologies like React and Flask
  • Work with other engineering teams to integrate our support systems into all our products
  • Maintain and improve business-critical legacy systems and integrations
  • Research technical solutions to business problems
  • Write technical documentation and operational playbooks to scale yourself, ensuring the systems you build are maintainable long-term
  • Strong software engineering background
  • BA/BS degree or equivalent practical experience, with two or more years working on production code
  • Deep experience with either Python or HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • Experience building internal tools, integrating with third-party systems, or building B2B SaaS products for customer service or similar business needs
  • Experience integrating and deploying open-source tools and libraries to solve problems
  • Experience building or documenting open-source software is a plus
  • Hands-on experience in customer support or service industries is a plus
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