San Francisco, California

Senior Front End Engineer

THE CHALLENGE As a lead frontend engineer, you would build beautiful & responsive user interfaces for desktop, mobile, and tablet browsers that delight our users. You would work closely with Product Management, UX, and Design, giving input on what is both intuitive and feasible.  You’ll build new data visualization features in our open source D3.js based Britecharts component. You’ll also contribute to front end architectural improvements and create shared interactive components that span our service as we’re continuously modernizing our stack. Read more about Britecharts on our Engineering Blog. THE ROLE Across the Briteland, there are numerous frontend opportunities such as: Datahawks: This team builds scalable, performant, and beautiful Analytics toolsets for event organizers. Our analytics suite includes traffic to an organizer’s listing page, sales data, attendee geography, etc. As a frontend engineer, you will build scalable, performant, and beautiful Analytics toolsets for organizers consisting of data such as traffic to an organizer’s listing page, sales data, attendee geography, etc. On Datahawks, our mission is to create a differentiated source of value for our customers, consistently delivering them comprehensive, actionable insights that help them grow their business, and doing so in a delightful, simple way. At Event: This team is responsible for RFID and ticket scanning based access control for the largest music festivals on the Eventbrite platform. These complex events require advanced management features and data visualization to enable day-of event operations.  Our small and specialized team enables organizers with event logistic tools to provide a seamless and delightful event experience for event attendees. Our onsite solutions service events big and small, from neighborhood photography classes to top tier music festivals with hundreds of thousands of attendees. THE TEAM We're a people-focused Engineering organization. The women and men on our team value working together in small teams to solve big problems, supporting an active culture of mentorship, and challenging themselves to learn new things and take on new challenges daily. Weekly demos, tech talks, and quarterly hackathons are at the core of how we’ve built our team and product. We believe in engaging with the community, regularly hosting free events with some of the top technical speakers, and actively contributing to open source software. Learn more about the team culture from some of our engineers. Our technology spans across web, mobile, API, big data, machine learning, search, physical point of sale, and scanning systems. We even drive servers up mountains to power the most remote events. Our primary stack is Backbone/Marionette, React, Redux, Sass, Handlebars, Python/Django, Celery with MySQL on AWS, GitHub, Slack and an espresso machine.
  • 3+ years of working experience in rapid product development building rich client-side applications using a combination of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript/ES6+
  • Familiarity with Javascript applications using technologies like React, Redux, Marionette/Backbone
  • Experience or a strong interest in building data visualization with D3.js or equivalent
  • Deep understanding of cross-browser compatibility pitfalls and how to work around them
  • A track record of  working closely with Design teams to build beautiful & intuitive web pages and applications
  • Experience with techniques for improving SEO and accessibility
  • Excitement about working in an environment where you are expected to make a significant and visible contribution
  • The desire to work on a highly visible product that impacts millions of users
  • A strong portfolio that displays your passion for delighting users
  • Familiarity with D3.js
  • Previous experience working with a large engineering team on a complex web application
  • Familiarity with a server-side frameworks such as Django, Express, Rails or .Net
  • Experience with visual design techniques like spacing, typography and color
  • Work with this stack