Intersection Ventures
Lisbon, Portugal

Yet Another Back-End Developer, or maybe not...


Hi, there!

I'm gonna ask you to stop whatever else you're doing. Stop scrolling Instagram out of the corner of your eye. Also, could you pause Netflix, please? Trust me, Black Mirror can wait. Oh - and remove those stylish headphones of yours cranking those indie tunes, 'cause I'm gonna need your full attention for this one, pal.

Are you ready? Cool, let's go!

I'm sure you're used to pounding your keyboard and spitting out some crisp code, but after a while, it can feel kind of boring, am I right? Perhaps even pointless? After all, it's not all about the code; It's about making a dent in the world.

If you're nodding your head, read on… I want to tell you about the benefits of joining our team and why it could be just the right move for you.

But first, some info about Intersection Ventures (

We're a technology venture builder focused on launching, growing and investing in high-potential startups by applying collective intelligence.

Yes, I said STARTUPS, as in more than one.

The first startup you'll be working on is already live. Tutorean ( is a platform that uses artificial intelligence to connect students and tutors. Check it out. We're open to feedback, hint, hint. ;)

But this is just the beginning (cue dramatic music)...

Our plan is to launch 6 startups and invest in 5 more. For this exciting (and challenging goal) we're looking for talented and hard-working individuals who want to be a part of a high-performing, market-disrupting, fun-having team.

What we're looking for...

  • 5+ years of experience mastering object-oriented languages and web development
  • Graduate degree in a Computer Science related field or equivalent experience
  • Eagerness for lean, pragmatic and well-tested code
  • Experience with SQL and NoSQL databases, cache systems and messaging
  • A continuous integration/deployment advocate
  • With a European work permit

You clearly are…

  • Optimistic and enthusiastic about problem-solving
  • Choose simple and straightforward solutions over more complex ones
  • A thirst to investigate innovate and develop emerging creative and technology trends
  • Autonomous and able to work well under pressure
  • Love a rigorous debate with your colleagues
  • Looking for an opportunity based in Lisbon and not a remote option

Super double extra points if you have...

  • Linux and AWS experience
  • Good understanding of containerization and orchestration
  • Significant contributions to OSS
  • Previous startup experience

What you'll be doing...

  • Developing new products from prototypes and MVPs
  • Designing and implementing back-end architectures up to RESTful API
  • Building reusable and testable code for future use
  • Executing work that adheres to best practices and consistency standards
  • Participating in code reviews, and sharing knowledge
  • Iterating fast with an agile project management process with Kanban boards
  • Automating packaging, installation, and deployment on a cloud environment
  • Optimizing application for speed and scalability

Why you should join...

  • This is the opportunity to be a part of something big, no HUGE! You will have the opportunity to disrupt entire industries - and have fun while doing so.
  • Live (and drink and eat) in sunny Lisbon. Need I say more? Do I? Okay, our offices are located on the banks of the Tagus river, just 2 minutes away from the Timeout Market and dozens of bars.
  • Flexible work hours. Bottom line is you need to get sh!t done.
  • Access to our game room where some pretty epic FIFA Games are known to take place.
  • Paintball, escape rooms and canoeing sound fun? Well, wait 'till you actually join us!
  • We've been called the Navy Seals of the startup world. Ok, nobody has us called us that, yet, but we're trying to make it stick.

Congrats buddy, you made it to the end of this job description. If you dug our vibe and think you might be the one, be sure to apply.

Looking forward to hearing from you, and beating you in FIFA ;)

Stack: Node, Nginx, Python, PostgreSQL, Django, Amazon RDS, Amazon EC2 Container Service, AWS Lambda, Celery, Pandas, Numpy, Stripe, Twilio, Docker, Git, Bitbucket, Visual Studio Code, PyCharm, JIRA

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