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San Francisco

Performance Engineer

Jut is looking for a Performance Engineer to make our big data analytics even bigger! Your job will be to own and improve our Python-based performance test framework, run experiments to locate system limits, then expand them by removing bottlenecks. Yes, it's Test and Dev rolled into one challenging role. Talk to us if you enjoy spending your time on: -Java heap profiling; -Watching a sawtooth pattern of garbage collection; -Tweaking this one query to have an extra dimension to see if the system can still handle it; -Establishing golden benchmarks; -Breaking things; -Fixing things. Oh, and we'll give you the world's best data analytics solution to pipe your performance metrics into, it's called Jut. Requirements: -4-year college degree (CS preferred) -Comfortable with Python or similar programming language -Expertise in performance testing and engineering; experience with distributed systems in storage or analytics space -Allergic to premature optimization Preferred: -Sysadmin/devops mindset -Understanding of Java stack -Javascript/Node.js -Demonstrated interest in quality issues Work in a fast-paced startup, on an Agile team, where Test is closely coupled with Dev, and every member of the Test team is there for the love of the game. We are in downtown San Francisco. Where are you?