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San Francisco

Developer Advocate

As the market leader of a fast-growing space, we’re looking for a Developer Advocate to help us define and quickly expand the market for feature flagging. The overall mission of the Developer Advocate is to secure platform adoption and revenue growth through evangelism, community engagement, and developer relations. This is a technical role with the mission of engaging with the broad community of developers and driving excitement around developer related technologies. This position is a great opportunity to help improve awareness of LaunchDarkly and to increase usage of LaunchDarkly’s technologies through marketing programs as well as in-depth engagement with key accounts. You would be the first at this role, and must be excited about getting to define a new role.
  • Develop useful content, education, and demo apps on top of our platform to demonstrate value and build excitement.
  • Talk about technology intelligently and enthusiastically to developers, developer managers and senior management.
  • Develop relationships with influencers and third-party communities.
  • Attend and speak at conferences, user meetups and hackathons to connect with developers and understand how we can best serve them and make them successful.
  • Become a thought leader in the market.
  • Be a voice of our users inside LaunchDarkly.
  • Success in this role is measured by the growth and retention of LaunchDarkly customers.
  • You have unending enthusiasm to share your knowledge and ideas with other developers.
  • You are able to converse with a broad range of developer technologies and communities (Java, .NET, Node.js, Python, Ruby on Rails, iOS, Android, etc.), but have a particular interest in the DevOps and continuous delivery communities.
  • You have passion, curiosity, technical depth, and exceptional communication and presentation skills.
  • You have a genuine interest in helping developers solve their problems.
  • You are involved in developer community groups.
  • You have good marketing skills and business logic.
  • You possess a strong software developer background, write code and share what you know.
  • You love to build apps, create solutions, interact with other developers and derive job satisfaction from helping others learn by doing.
  • You are interested in implementing marketing programs that are scalable and repeatable.
  • Work with this stack