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Curator, Programming & Software Engineering

At Medium, words matter. We are building the best place for reading and writing on the internet — a place where today’s smartest writers, thinkers, experts, and storytellers can share big, interesting ideas; a place where ideas are judged on the value they provide to readers, not the fleeting attention they can attract for advertisers. Medium is widely recognized as the go-to place for software engineers to grow professionally — some of its most dynamic industry topics are programming, Javascript, and software engineering. These topics are read by experienced engineers and professionals who want thoughtful pieces about software architecture and complex software systems. They’re for engineers and developers who want to stay on top of the bleeding edge of the industry. And they’re destinations for new coders and data scientists who want to learn new skills and advance their careers. Medium is growing its curation team. We are looking for a Curator who knows quality writing when they see it and has specialized knowledge of programming and software engineering to curate those topics. Medium curators read posts written by thousands of writers and use our curation standards to select the best posts to distribute on our topic pages and other channels. A keen discernment of quality is key (which is where your specialized experience comes in), but so is efficiency.
  • Use Medium’s tools and comb your own favorite Medium sources to find high-quality stories in the topics of programming, software engineering, Javascript, etc.
  • Accept or reject those stories based on the curation standards and your editorial judgment
  • Classify accepted posts into topics
  • Flag the highest-quality posts and writers to our editorial team
  • Flag rules violations to the Trust & Safety team
  • Advise Curation Manager on topic creation and organization
  • Coordinate with the Curation Manager and the curation team via Slack
  • You have substantial experience in the topics of programming and software engineering
  • You intuitively understand what makes a high-quality Medium post about these topics and what doesn’t
  • You are a curious reader with excellent taste and judgment
  • You’re a straightforward and effective communicator
  • You’re comfortable working remotely/independently and can adapt quickly to change
  • Work with this stack