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Web Engineer


Join our team to expand the reach of Onefootball's content on the web.

As a web engineer your are involved in many projects across the company: you work with content producers to build the tools they need to tell their stories; you collaborate with designers to make that content visible and appealing on the web across all devices; you develop internal APIs and microservices to shape that content to our needs.

Your role

  • Contribute to the public web products used by our partner and ourselves 
  • Implement new features in the admin tools for our content management system 
  • Bootstrap new web-based projects when needed and share your knowledge with the rest of the company 

Your profile

  • Several years of experience in web development, both backend and frontend
  • Knowledge of recent frontend technologies like React, Vue.js, AngularJS or Angular
  • Comfortable writing modern Javascript and TypeScript code
  • Caring about clean code and documentation and understand the benefits of testing 
  • Comfortable sharing your ideas as well as giving and receiving feedback
  • Knowledge of various tasks runners, package managers, CSS preprocessors and other frontend tools is greatly appreciated
  • Experience in writing server-side JavaScript using Node.js is a plus
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