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San Francisco

Senior Software Engineer iOS SDK

At Optimizely, Full Stack is Optimizely's fastest growing product and most ambitious step towards enabling the most powerful experimentation platform in the world. The product enables developers to be able to run experiments in any codebase or environment, so that data can drive decisions rather than relying on guesswork (https://www.optimizely.com/products/mobile/). Although already used by some of the largest companies in the world, the Full Stack product is still in a phase of constant product development meaning that there are many exciting problems to solve and a lot of opportunity to shape what will be Optimizely's biggest, most successful, and most impactful product to date. This is an exciting opportunity for a mobile engineer who wants to own our iOS SDK (https://github.com/optimizely/objective-c-sdk) and to work on a product that has the potential to change how development works in the industry by introducing and promoting a culture of experimentation. Our stack: We own open-source SDKs for iOS, tvOS, Android, AndroidTV, Python, Java, JavaScript, Node, PHP, Ruby, C#. Example here: https://github.com/optimizely/objective-c-sdk. These SDKs are powered by a python application running on Google's Cloud Platform. The SDKs send events to a distributed, scalable Java backend. We are looking for an engineer to lead efforts in our iOS SDK (https://github.com/optimizely/objective-c-sdk), provide best practices for implementation, and grow and scale our Full Stack product with mobile in mind. Why is this exciting for you? - You are excited by building a product made by iOS engineers for iOS engineers. - You love building simple, usable, and delightful products by abstracting complexity into a simple set of publicly versioned APIs. - You like leveraging and contributing back to open source software. - You have a passion for taking challenging customer problems, designing a solution, and driving the implementation to completion either by yourself or by leveraging a lean team of engineers around you. - You enjoy speaking with customers and being a thought leader in implementation design. - You want to work on a team with a diverse set of tools, technologies, stacks, frameworks and challenges with opportunities to learn and grow in many areas of software development. - You want to work on a team that iterates and deploys frequently, using automated CI infrastructure and testing to move quickly and confidently. You enjoy articulating technical topics to your colleagues clearly and effectively. Qualifications - You have production enterprise experience working in iOS mobile environments (Objective-C or Swift). - You have production experience on building and maintaining a public interface or API (example: developing a mobile SDK). - You are strongly familiar with the life of a request from end-to-end in native applications. - You have interfaced effectively with customers on what are best practices for implementing a mobile product. - You know what it takes to build enterprise grade software and solutions that are easily scalable, reliable, and maintainable for thousands of customers. - You understand the value of testing, how to write testable code, and how to utilize different types of automated tests to deploy with speed and confidence. - You have effectively mentored junior engineers around you. - You have strong interpersonal communication skills and ability to work well in a diverse, team-focused environment with other Engineers, Product Managers, Designers, etc. and have strong empathy for your customers. What you will be doing - Leading the design and implementation of features in our iOS SDKs and working with other SDK engineers to consistently improving our FullStack product so we can deliver on our mission to enable mobile software development teams to build with a culture of experimentation. - Becoming the leading expert in experimentation driven development in a mobile application. - Helping build infra and tooling around our SDKs to help increase the quality and ease the maintenance of the SDKs
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