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San Francisco

Full Stack Engineer


Segment’s mission is to make it super easy for companies to use their customer data to build incredible products. We’re building towards a future where all customer data in the world flows through Segment. As a Full Stack Engineer, you are essential to that future. You will work closely with designers to build the user interface that sits in front of the infrastructure that receives billions of API calls every day. We use cutting-edge tools like React, Webpack, Redux, and ES6. Some of our team specializes in CSS, some of us specialize in Go, but all of us are JavaScript experts and full stack engineers.

We are looking for a Full Stack Engineer who can:
  • Improve the reliability of our Go and Node.js services by cutting our 5xx rate to zero and implementing good failover/monitoring
  • Build well-tested client libraries with clear APIs to communicate with our Go services, and update services as-needed when bugs are discovered
  • Move our Frontend codebase from Deku to React
  • Build an auto-tracking feature into Analytics.js to allow codeless tracking and ex-post filtering of the tracking data
  • Break down ambiguous business goals into actionable technical projects
What are examples of work that Full Stack Engineers have done at Segment?
  • Built a UI to display a live stream of incoming API calls (sometimes hundreds of calls per second) as a debugging tool for our customers
  • Brought our site response time down by ~98% by caching templates server-side and optimizing database calls
  • Revamped our pricing, which increased revenue by roughly 25%
  • Expert knowledge of JavaScript
  • Minimum of 4 years of industry experience in engineering
  • Deep understanding of the complexities involved in writing large single-page applications
  • Evidence of exposure to architectural patterns of high-scale web application (e.g., well-designed APIs, high volume data pipelines, efficient algorithms)
  • Experience with web best practices such as A/B testing and test coverage
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