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San Francisco

Developer Evangelist


StackShare is hiring a Developer Evangelist in San Francisco, CA. As Developer Evangelist, you'll have the unique opportunity to evangelize many different developer products and services. You’ll have the opportunity to grow into a management position and help expand our evangelism and marketing team.


StackShare is a community that helps developers and engineers discover and compare software tools. Our vision is to transform how SaaS tools and infrastructure are bought and sold.

Choosing SaaS and cloud infrastructure tools is difficult. If you’re a developer looking for a hosting solution, you have hundreds of options and no clear way to sift through them all. We’ve built a community of developers, engineers, CTOs, and VPEs that recommend, review, and share their technology stacks. They have significant buying power and a need for tooling and infrastructure services, from startups to large enterprises. The options they have are confusing and increasing in number by the day - they’re desperate to get help choosing the right solutions. StackShare lets technologists see all the best tools and services, who’s using them, and why.


We’re a small distributed team of five, with our main office in San Francisco, CA. We believe every member of the team should own the products they build and have a say in what gets built.

Our CEO, Yonas has seen Fortune 500 companies use Gartner PDF reports to make software buying decisions when he worked at Accenture; he’s also seen startups make these decisions after joining a YC-backed startup, where he worked on product design and marketing. Yonas then took StackShare through the 500 Startups accelerator and has been leading our growth and marketing efforts. You'll be working directly with Yonas on a daily basis as part of your role.

The rest of our team comes from companies like Digital Ocean, Condé Nast, and Gravity4.


A good developer evangelist can think of creative ways to reach new audiences, clever engagement tactics, and has an eye for high quality writing. A few things you can expect to do:

Coding - you'll get a chance to hop into our codebase (Rails) and add small features (i.e. a survey widget to collect qualitative feedback from users). You'll also get to play around with some APIs and do a bit of web scraping to help us build out our stacks database.

SEO - StackShare already ranks highly for some of the top SaaS tool comparisons (e.g. and And we have spent $0 on SEM. Your job would be to do an overhaul and optimize core profiles and pages across the site to help us rank well for more popular searches.

Content Marketing - we have high quality user-generated content and featured guest posts from VPEs at companies like Medium ( and Soylent ( Your job would be to build out our contributor network for guest posts, manage our weekly newsletter that goes out to over 100K developers and create a daily newsletter (Mattermark-style), and build relationships with top blogs and writers in the developer tools and SaaS space.

Social Media Management - manage our Twitter ( and Facebook accounts; come up with interesting content to post and ways to engage the community.

Engagement/Lifecycle Emails - create, send, and test new email campaigns that go out to our current community as well as drip campaigns that go out to potential new StackShare users.

Our ideal candidate has the following background:

- 2+ years of experience in a growth marketing/evangelism role at a startup (less than 100 people)
- Has experience marketing to developers and engineers
- Has been held to weekly conversion and traffic goals
- Is a great writer (and can prove it through their portfolio)


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