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Developer Evangelist - JVM Languages



You've been a Java developer, and maybe you still are. But maybe you also now consider yourself a Closure, Groovy or Kotlin developer.  You are a web developer. You understand the basics of the HTTP request and response cycle. You've written enough website code to have opinions on multiple JVM web frameworks.  You love to teach others. You understand that teaching sometimes requires much patience, but are driven by immense satisfaction of seeing the light bulb go off in your students heads.  You are endlessly curious about and excited by technology. You know that there are usually smarter folks in the room and you're eager to learn from them.



You will help us inspire and equip developers using JVM languages to fuel the future of communications. You'll be an active and authentic participant in a JVM language community wherever they gather online and offline. For many of those developers you will be "the face" of Twilio -- the person they ping when they need help. They will feel like VIPs because they know you. And when someone who works at Twilio needs to talk to a JVM language community, they'll come to you.  You'll attend, speak at and sponsor in-person events. You'll create content that breaks down the complex into the understandable. You'll tell stories with code, equipping developers with knowledge of tools and techniques, including but not limited to Twilio, that makes them better at their craft. You'll help create experiences which inspire developers to build amazing things.



Twilio's mission is to fuel the future of communications.  The Developer Network is the team at Twilio whose mission is to catalyze the network of developers who will build the future of communications. The DevNet is comprised of three teams that work closely with one another. Developer Evangelists inspire and equip developers by going to the language-centric and geographic communities where developers gather. Developer Educators challenge and empower developers by crafting world-class docs and training. Community Developers encourage and amplify developers by cultivating a core community of Twilio developers. Together, these three teams introduce developers to Twilio, help them get their projects shipped and build strong end enduring friendships with them.

Twilio is a company committed to your growth, your learning, your development and your entire employee experience. We only win when our employees succeed and we're dedicated to helping you develop your strengths. We have a cultural foundation built on diversity, inclusion and innovation that we believe only gets better when your ideas thrive.


This is a remote position.  You can be based in a major metro area within the US or Europe.  While working remote you will still enjoy our incredible perks: a free Kindle when you build your Twilio app, monthly Kindle book reimbursement, monthly gym reimbursement, bi-weekly All Hands and more.  We believe in serving developers where they are already gathering in real life so you should be comfortable traveling 25-50% of your time. We also believe that in order to do this job well, you need a balanced work and home life.  We offer generous PTO. What you will also get to experience is a company that believes in small teams for maximum impact; that strives to balance work and home life, that understands that this is a marathon, not a sprint; that continuously and purposefully builds an inclusive culture where everyone is able to do and be the best version of themselves. We seek people who naturally demonstrate our values, who are challenged by problems, empower others to thrive, people who can draw the owl and not be beholden to one playbook.


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