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San Francisco

Sr. Software Engineer - Customer Experience


Join a ‘startup in Twilio’, where you will help architect and build a brand new service, get it into production, and iterate rapidly based on customer and operational feedback.  The Customer Experience interfaces you help build will make our customers lives better and directly impact our bottom line.   

As a full stack engineer, you feel comfortable creating new services that will be customer facing and integrate with existing Twilio services - you know how to ship.   The initial features have limited scope for a quick start to a new service,  but will evolve to have a large footprint and impact at Twilio.


  • Exposure to creating roles, new services, and deploying to Prod in Twilio AWS environment.   
  • Full stack exposure, from UI to database.
  • React on the front end and Node.js familiarity are preferred - but you are comfortable doing the backend in your preferred language or learning Node as required
  • Comfortable designing an initial service architecture with APIs, backend services, and persistence layer that fit well in the Twilio service landscape.
  • Architect and develop new service that is Stargate compatible and will support a variety of integration points
  • Work directly with product team and end customers define, architect, and build new customer-facing features.
  • Write quality, maintainable code in a fast-paced professional software engineering environment.


  • Prod access at Twilio. Familiarity with the Twilio production tools.
  • 5-7 and/or equivalent years experience building customer facing, critical systems.
  • Prior experience as a Software Engineer.
  • Experience designing systems for scale, spanning multiple services.
  • Proficiency in understanding data modeling, microservices.
  • Proficiency in 1+ languages (Javascript/Node preferred), ability to apply your existing proficiency to any new environment.
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