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Graduate Software Engineer


We're accepting applications to our graduate program, with accepted graduates starting late 2018. We'll kick off grad recruitment later in the year, but please feel free to apply now if you're interested.

Vend is an award winning, venture-backed tech company and our mission is simple: to create remarkable retail life. We help our retailers build thriving businesses, live more fulfilling lives and create experiences that people love. And as we do, we encourage the diversity that makes communities unique.

We have over 200 talented people across Auckland, Toronto, London, Melbourne and San Francisco working to delight 20,000 awesome retailers worldwide who are running successful retail operations in their communities and online.

We know that diverse teams are strong teams, and welcome those with alternative identities, backgrounds, and experiences. Our team includes women, men, mothers, fathers, the self-taught, the university-educated, and people of a wide variety of nationalities, ages, and socio-economic backgrounds.

We're looking for passionate graduates to join our team as a graduate software engineer, creating great user experience and interactivity, or building services & APIs on our world-class retail platform.

We’re not an ordinary company, so we don’t expect you to be either. If you love learning new stuff, enjoy digging into hard work and making the impossible happen - keep on reading!

Why does this job exist?

We understand the next generation of engineers are crucial to the future. We want to help graduates become successful in their engineering careers, and we've got lots of awesome R&D ideas to be worked on! Reporting to a Lead Engineer, you'll work in one of our teams to implement new ideas on our platform, from building back-end code that serves API endpoints to writing front-end code to serve up information nicely. We want to you explore and experience different technologies and you will be the one who picks what career direction you want to pursue.

We build new features on top of a modern stack, consisting of Go or Java services, communicating either over APIs or Kafka topics, to AngularJS front end applications, all deployed in a continuous delivery cycle to AWS. You don’t need to have experience in any of these specific technologies: we’re great at teaching good coders how to use our modern SaaS stack.

We don't follow rigid Scrum or Kanban, but we do work in an agile, iterative way - we deploy changes continuously to production, and use retrospectives to continuously improve and implement what works for us.

So what will I be doing in a typical week?

  • Write lots of code - Go, Java, AngularJS, React, whatever is the best for the task.
  • Check in with your Lead Engineer for a 1:1 over coffee or a walk around the block.
  • Spend some time with your mentors to learn and become good at the technology you are working with.
  • Work with your team on exploring on a new R&D project, understanding the technical challenges and discuss potential solutions.
  • Have your lunch in the kitchen with some of the team, talk about anything from knitting, to tv, lock-picking, or any hobby you enjoy doing!
  • Pair up with someone else on your team to solve a tricky problem.
  • Find one of the dogs in the office to talk to about a tricky bug you just encountered. Sometimes just listening is all that's needed (of course if you need human advice, there's plenty of that too!)

Does this sound like you?

  • You're a motivated learner who is open to learn any new technoglogy.
  • You're a passionate coder who is keen on experiencing new programming languages and frameworks.
  • You're motivated to understand and solve hard problems with your team
  • You’re interested in the latest in cloud platforms, and you have some idea of what AWS is. Bonus points if you actually use these tools today, but if you don’t we’re happy to teach you.
  • You’ve might have some experience with other intern or graduate projects, and you’ve made some progress and some mistakes. We value people who learn from mistakes and improve themselves in tiny ways every day. But of course you don’t make the same mistakes over and over again because you know how helpful automated tests are to catch them next time.

Obviously we’re looking to ensure it’s a solid fit from both sides: we want you to step into a role you love, and we want to offer you a place you’re proud to come to everyday. At Vend, we trust you to do your best work with minimal direction, so we try our best to build an environment of mutual trust and empowerment.

Get in touch, hit that button and come have a no-obligations chat with us.

We can’t wait to hear from you!


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