Redwood City, California

Developer Advocate

WePay’s mission is to empower small businesses through frictionless access to world class software and financial services, and our technical documentation is at the heart of this mission. We are seeking a Developer Advocate to bring our technical documentation to the next level. WePay powers payments for some of the largest, most innovative software platforms in the world, through our core product--the API. Our documentation is the first touch point prospective customers make when evaluating WePay. In addition, as platforms move through the integration process, our technical documentation is critical in helping them navigate engineering and business tradeoffs to ultimately build a stellar payments experience. We are looking for someone who can act as a member of the API product team and own our technical documentation. This varied and fast paced role will have you discuss REST APIs in detail with engineers,  advocate and contribute to the specification and design of new products, and create technical documentation at various levels, from introductory material to API reference guides and complex visual diagrams. All in an effort to make commerce frictionless for the world’s most sophisticated software platforms. Successful candidates will have had full ownership over documentation for a complex, public, SaaS API.  When replying to this job posting, please include links to public API pages.
  • Create and maintain product documentation for APIs at WePay
  • Contribute to the design and user experience for WePay partners from first touch to launch
  • Work closely with engineering, product, and field services teams to ensure the quality, discoverability, and accuracy of the content you create and develop
  • Establish the voice and style of our docs
  • Design and author new technical and non technical content based on interviews with subject experts, such as diagrams, technical blog content, resources for sales engineering and more
  • Edit existing content for consistency, completeness, and correctness
  • Understand traffic patterns to identify popular content and build content flows
  • Execute special projects like monthly product / developer updates, and socialize with the developer community on various channels like Github and Twitter
  • 2+ years of experience as a technical writer, including creating and managing documentation for customer-facing APIs or SDKs.  The work should include both API details and introductory content.
  • Experience interfacing with APIs and using various tools like Postman, cURL, and Chrome Developer Tools.Ability to think like, and write for, developers, product managers, and non-technical stakeholders
  • Basic HTML editing skills (you MUST be able to work directly with HTML)
  • Familiarity and ability with source control tools, especially git
  • Excellent written English and proof-reading skills
  • Self Starter
  • Work with this stack