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I've just finished my Masters degree and I am looking at routes into developing my Java knowledge.

The University I studied at requested that all practical Java assignments were done in Java Swing and as such I have a strong understanding in that area of development. Looking at job prospects, many employers are now looking for Java Spring or Android developers.

The plan is to move away from Java SE and skill up in Android development. I was planning on learning Spring Boot to gain exposure in web application development, however looking at StackShare, Django seems to be the more attractive choice for developers.

Does anyone have any advice on which routes/stacks would be the most advisable to adopt. If Spring is not receiving as much exposure or support as Django, is it worth adding to my stack?

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Spring Boot

Spring is generally more an enterprise solution, while I see Django being more startup oriented. Django is lightweight and fast (development time, not runtime!). Spring seems to have more focus on microservice architecture than django, if that matters to you at all. Starting your project in Django, it automatically creates a backend 'admin panel' for you to use and customize. You will not find this in the more serious Spring Boot.

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Software Engineer at Jeffrey Dabo·
Spring Boot

Though Java is a strong language and basically the first language to be used in Mobile Development (Android), the framework Spring Boot is not as modern as the Django framework which is based on one of the most popular languages today - Python. Moreover the Python language is far more simpler in syntax and just as powerful as Java. However, Java has scaled up it's performance and the Spring Boot framework can support dynamic web development as well as android development. Whichever way you choose to go, there will be no regrets - trust me.

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Matthew Levene
Matthew Levene
May 22nd 2020 at 3:11AM

Hi Jeffrey,

Thank you for your response,

I have a friend that is a front-end developer and is looking to create full web applications with a back-end developer. Since I have a grounding in Java, I will look at Spring Boot and then look at its implementation for Android :)

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