• Used in all my roles. Love the npm ecosystem and the fast moving landscape. Experience with a variety of frameworks: angular, express, react, backbone, ember, jquery. I like building things from the ground up.

  • My favourite place to store code. Even built a little lib for downloading subdirectories

  • Used for web apps, routing, chat clients, backend job systems and web socket apps.

  • Used as cache at Chaordic, fube and cloudfind.

  • Used in great detail at Cloudfind. Profiled and improved bulk SQL upsert performance 200 fold.

  • Mostly academic projects

  • Built backend search engine of elasticsearch e.g. http://www.saraiva.com.br/

  • basic

  • Used at cloudfind, Super Awesome and contributed to source

  • Configured servers in conjunction with docker at chaordic

  • Backend of dashboard at Chaordic dashboard, freelancing products with upwork and personal projects

  • Used for many years but now on mac

  • Always online!

  • Huge fan of markdown

  • Would love to use more professionally!

  • Built some POCs, would love to use more.

  • Used at Aentropico when building visualizations for of data analysis.

  • Used at cloudfind as one of the job queue technologies.

  • Used at cloudfind for analyzing production bugs

  • Used for POCs when hacking stuff together. Really fast prototyping :-)

  • Used at chaordic, cloudfind, fube.io for prototyping

  • On my personal blog

  • Some browser testing at several roles

  • Used in great depth at my role at Chaordic

  • Great way to ensure builds are passing! Used in several roles in the past

  • Only on local projects, nothing in production :-)

  • Would love to use this more in a larger production setting.

  • Used in a few projects love the simple markup

  • Used for cross browser scripting especially IE9 :-(