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I am currently working on preparing a multi-tenant app with one database per tenant. The app will have data analytics dashboards, CRM, and task management modules. Originally my thoughts were to build with Angular, Laravel, and MySQL, as the development team mainly consists of PHP developers.

However, the team is recommending to develop the app entirely using WordPress by utilizing a multisite model, saying that it will not have any impact on performance even as the user base increases.

My own take is that this will have a negative impact on performance. Can you please advise me if this is true?

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I will advise going with the team in which your team is comfortable with, as you mentioned you have less time. WordPress is a good tool for customize development. Just care about the securities and don't use more than 2-3 plugins. Assign proper resources in terms of Ram and others using custom configurations of PHP and wpconfig. About Restful API it provides you built-in facility which you can us later on for the App developments for mobiles. Wish you good luck with your project.

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Yes, right

WordPress can build the multisite model quickly, it can achieve faster results on a limited budget and time But during business maintenance and refinement after running the first version, WordPress may become a hindrance, also it could get heavier when load more plugin

Laravel needs more code work at the early stage of the project, page build, business logic, and so on, use Laravel will cost more time on the first version But after the first release, the maintenance and refinement will be much better than WordPress

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