SQL-based analytics tool that helps analysts query, visualize, and share data.
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Created by analysts, for analysts, Mode is a SQL-based analytics tool that connects directly to your database. Mode is designed to alleviate the bottlenecks in today's analytical workflow and drive collaboration around data projects.

Mode's Features
  • Write, save, and share SQL queries with other analysts in your company. Empower non-technical folks to update queries on their own. Run queries on a schedule, create lists of related reports, and explore a project's history as it changes over time.
  • Build reports using standard charting or create completely customer, interactive visuals with HTML, CSS, and Javascript
  • Database connectors for MySQL, Postgres, Redshift, Vertica, Hive, Heroku, Segment, BigQuery, Impala.
  • Mode also offers SQL School (sqlschool.modeanalytics.com), a free, interactive SQL tutorial and the Mode Playbook (about.modeanalytics.com/playbook), a series of open-source SQL queries you can tailor to your event stream.

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