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I was looking for a new IDE that could do everything I needed in one place easily. I needed GIT and FTP integration, plus MySQL to manage and view databases. I found PHPStorm to be the best for all this after trialling a few different platforms (like Sublime Text), and preferred the way PHPStorm worked and functioned.

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Richard van Beelen
Richard van Beelen
May 1st 2022 at 6:11PM

PHPStorm is the best choice, on the left side you have your local project, on the right side your online project incl. your database. At the bottom of your screen terminal options for both local and server. You can easily drag and drop files from the local project to the server on the right.

Adding new tables or columns to your database is very easy, add, edit and view databases and tables as you are used to with PHPMyAdmin. What also makes PHPStorm great is the immediate display of errors with a clear explanation, it helps you to replace the wrong codes automatically, it also gives you advice or a better and cleaner way. Very useful especially if you want to get your PHP project ready for PHP 8.1+, at the bottom of the screen you can easily switch between PHP versions and see immediately what can be improved.

PHPStorm is definitely recommended, with PHPStorm you do not need other programs and tools like Filezilla, PHPMyAdmin, git tools, PowerShell / Putty, ect. anymore. Everything is there and ready to use right after installation, you can however install additional plugins like Tabnine. You don't really need more, PHPStorm is so great that it makes things much easier and your projects will be developed much faster.

The only drawback compared to VScode is that PHPStorm demands a lot from your computer in terms of memory, but this also varies by project and setting. PHPStorm is the best choice for any PHP developer/scripter but also for developers/scripers for both JS/NodeJS, HTML, CSS/SCSS and even Python.

For those who haven't explored PHPStorm yet, give it a try. Of course everything takes some getting used to at first but eventually you will discover the power and luxury of PHPStorm, it will really save you a lot of time and you won't want anything else, good luck!

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