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As someone who's been working in Nuxt since April 2018, I'd highly recommend to go ahead and forge ahead with Nuxt 2. All of the core fundamental hallmarks of Nuxt 2 will be present in Nuxt 3, and Composition API, teleports, etc. are all just building upon the foundation Nuxt 2 has. Same with Vue 2 to Vue 3. There's zero reason to feel pigeonholed into waiting for a release to come out. JS frameworks are always evolving, and you're going to find things that Vue 3 / Nuxt 3 simply might not be ready for that Vue 2 / Nuxt 2 have already fantastically implemented. I'd advise start building your app today and whenever Vue 3 / Nuxt 3 hits a release stage, then you can look at the migration path (which really shouldn't be that categorically complex) and decide whether there are enough performance and framework feature reasons to change. Even when you do change, it can be component by component - you don't have to change everything overnight. Better to get a head start with your app's construction than to delay and worry about which version of the tool to use to build it.

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