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We are a midsize company, and we are using Jenkins as our CI/CD tool on Red Hat OpenShift. We anticipate to grow bigger and are planning to have multiple Jenkins per squad. We are fighting the battle of Jenkins on EC2 vs RedHat keeping in mind

1) centrally managing the Jenkins

2) Jenkins config as a code

3) Auto Scale

4) Disaster Recovery

5) Upgrading Jenkins and its plugins

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Technical Lead at CDAC·

Hi, since you are already using Red Hat Openshift so you are aware of how good Red Hat products are. Going with Red Hat will give you more flexibility considering points that you have mentioned. Red Hat products are based around an approach of providing flexible and scalable architecture where you can easily manage your instances in a cloud native manner. You can also have a look at Red Hat Ansible which will provide your team to run Infrastucture as a code. For Jenkins, you can easily set up and automate the things based on manifests file. You can also automate the things based on multiple environments.

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Kees Koenen
Kees Koenen
January 15th 2022 at 6:22PM

If you're already on openshift, also take a look at openshift pipelines, which is based on Tekton. It's Kubernetes native and may make your life (LCM) a bit easier.


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