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Nodetime is an application performance management toolset in the cloud - an all-round solution for performance monitoring, optimization and troubleshooting.

Nodetime's Features
  • Transaction Tracing- gives you visibility of what's happening inside your application by showing requests and operations, e.g. API calls, with a lot of information, including response time, CPU time, operations such as database calls, http client requests, file system and other API calls which happened at the same time
  • Sample Filtering- If there are too many requests or operations handled by the application, Nodetime will send only the slowest samples of requests and their operations to the profiler web console
  • Custom Tracing- Nodetime samples requests and some communication out of the box. For other types of applications or a specific operation tracing need it provides simple API functions and extension mechanisms
  • Metrics- OS Load average and free memory, Node's RSS and Heap size as well as average response / CPU times, error rates and counts for HTTP client / server requests and supported API calls and libraries, e.g., File System, Redis, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Memcached and Cassandra
  • Historical Metrics- Historical metrics are not shown for particular process, but are presented in an averaged process view
  • Custom Metrics- Using metric API call, custom metrics can be sent to the Nodetime server and presented in the same way as the automatic metrics.
  • Database Monitoring- Monitor Redis and MongoDB databases used by your applications without any extra setup
  • CPU Profiling- As a logical next step after detecting high CPU utilization, Nodetime makes it incredibly easy to use V8's built-in sampling CPU profiler to analyze hot spots and locate inefficient functions
  • Memory Profiling- Nodetime's memory profiling feature uses V8's built-in heap profiler, which allows to take heap snapshots
  • Alerts- users can create alerts for many internal metrics of the application
  • Team Features- Applications can be shared between accounts

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