Srinivas Adireddi
Recent Tech Decisions
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  • Skype

    olafcnu Adireddi Srinivas

    Three reasons why people like Skype that I am compelling: 1. It's simple and easy to use 2. Good video calling quality 3. It's cheap and very efficient Very popular too

  • GitHub

    olafcnu Adireddi Srinivas

    1)GitHub is a development platform inspired by the way you work. 2)From open source to business, you can host and review code. 3)You can also manage projects, and build software alongside millions ...

  • Dropbox

    olafcnu Adireddi Srinivas

    1)Dropbox is a modern workspace designed to reduce busywork. 2)So you can focus on the things that matter. 3) it is free and very cool

  • Google Maps

    olafcnu Adireddi Srinivas

    1) it's very easy to use. 2) shows satellite image, Google earth and many other features like traffic, terrain, etc. 3) Is very useful for driving etc.

  • Google Drive

    olafcnu Adireddi Srinivas

    1.Can store large files safely. 2. Very easy to share. 3. Get access to files anywhere through secure cloud storage and file backup for your photos, videos, files and more with Google Drive.

  • MySQL

    olafcnu Adireddi Srinivas

    1.It's very popular. Heared about it in Database class 2. The most comprehensive set of advanced features, management tools and technical support to achieve the highest levels of MySQL scalability, security, reliability, and uptime. 3. MySQL is an open-source relational database management system. Its name is a combination of "My", the name of co-founder Michael Widenius's daughter, and "SQL", the abbreviation for Structured Query Language.