Cloud Services Provider

  • Opstax uses SVN for version control.

  • Opstax uses CloudFormation for anything infrastructure related! CloudFormation allows us to use infrastructure-as-code as a constant blueprint/map of our environment. It means we can accurately and efficiently deploy replicated or new infrastructure with no time wasted clicking around and no human error.

  • Opstax uses CloudWatch for basic monitoring of AWS resources.

  • Opstax uses puppet for role/profile based configuration management and the distribution of small/static code.

  • Opstax uses Route 53 for reliable and scalable DNS services.

  • Opstax uses SendGrid to help improve poor mail deliver-ability caused by the elastic nature of the cloud.

  • Opstax uses EBS storage to store images, snapshots and to write any data we need to keep when an instance is no longer.

  • Opstax uses Apache as a front end web server.

  • Opstax uses Amazon S3 for site related media content such as images and videos.

  • Opstax uses EC2 in replacement for traditional physical infrastructure.

  • The Opstax website uses some Javascript for effects and functionality.

  • The Opstax website uses some jQuery for effects and functionality.

  • The Opstax website uses Google Analytics to track visitor behaviour and to measure the success of marketing campaigns.

  • Opstax uses Jenkins as the backbone of our continuous integration pipeline.

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