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What is Optic?

Optic is a tool in the Code Automation Tools category of a tech stack.

Optic is an open source tool with 154 Github Stars and 5 Github Forks. Here’s a link to Optic's open source repository on Github

Why people like Optic

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Optic's Features

  • Optic understands your code - Advanced pattern matching lets Optic recognize and document many types of code.
  • Smart code generation - Functional Boilerplate derived from the code in your project.
  • Auto-Update - Combined, Optic's ability to read and generate code helps keep interconnected code in sync. Pull requests are created to propagate changes throughout all your repos.
  • Extensible - Optic can be taught how to work with any type of code

Optic's alternatives

  • Make - The GNU Compiler Collection and GNU Toolchain (Binutils, GDB, GLIBC)
  • Lucet - The Sandboxing WebAssembly Compiler

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