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What is Panda?

Panda is a cloud-based platform that provides video and audio encoding infrastructure. It features lightning fast encoding, and broad support for a huge number of video and audio codecs. You can upload to Panda either from your own web application using our REST API, or by utilizing our easy to use web interface.<br>
Panda is a tool in the Media Transcoding category of a tech stack.

Who uses Panda?


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Panda's Features

  • Unlimited encoding- When we say unlimited we mean unlimited. With your own dedicated resources, you can upload as much media as you like with no per-minute charge.
  • Deliver everywhere- Encode your videos to be viewable in any browser, with any player, on any device.
  • High definition- From the cellphone to the big screen, your video will always look gorgeous with 1080p HD video.
  • Broad format support- We support all of the most popular video and audio codecs including H.264, AAC, OGG, MP3, FlV, MP4 and many more
  • Web interface- Panda is easy for everyone with our innovative web interface that provides a straightforward process to upload, encode and monitor your content.
  • iPhone and iPad streaming- We support Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), which dynamically adjusts the movie quality to match the speed of a connecting device.
  • Choose your region- Choose whether you want your video to be transferred and encoded in North America (USA) or in Europe (UK).

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