Our stack

  • Our stack core.

  • Javascript is our main language to build systems and products.

  • We use react on our web apps.

  • We use git to control and manage our repositories of codes. Also, to control different version of systems.

  • Our main tool for internal communications and also automated notifications.

  • We use MongoDB as our main NoSQL repository for data.

  • Postman is great tool to test endpoints and document all api's call.

  • We ES6 to write a styled and cool code earning functional concepts.

  • We use EC2 to provide and run our NodeJS infrastructure on prod env.

  • Our apps for iOS and Android were build on React Native.

  • We use Route53 to do our DNS Management.

  • We use Circle CI to do test and build automation. And also, do our deployments in stage and prod env.

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