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An open source library implementing fast search/analytics functionality
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What is picturesafe-search?

It is an open source Java wrapper for Elasticsearch, implementing an opinionated, fresh approach to implement new search/analytics enabled applications or enhance legacy software based on relational databases with powerful full text search capabilities.
picturesafe-search is a tool in the Search as a Service category of a tech stack.
picturesafe-search is an open source tool with 11 GitHub stars and 6 GitHub forks. Here’s a link to picturesafe-search's open source repository on GitHub

Who uses picturesafe-search?

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picturesafe-search's Features

  • Functions for creating and maintaining Elasticsearch indices
  • Query API for creating simple and complex (nested) search queries
  • Filter builder API for easy implementation of customized search filters
  • Aggregation builder API for easy implementation of customized aggregation builders (facets)

picturesafe-search Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to picturesafe-search?
Elasticsearch is a distributed, RESTful search and analytics engine capable of storing data and searching it in near real time. Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats and Logstash are the Elastic Stack (sometimes called the ELK Stack).
Our mission is to make you a search expert. Push data to our API to make it searchable in real time. Build your dream front end with one of our web or mobile UI libraries. Tune relevance and get analytics right from your dashboard.
Java 8
It is a revolutionary release of the world’s no 1 development platform. It includes a huge upgrade to the Java programming model and a coordinated evolution of the JVM, Java language, and libraries. Java 8 includes features for productivity, ease of use, improved polyglot programming, security and improved performance.
The Guava project contains several of Google's core libraries that we rely on in our Java-based projects: collections, caching, primitives support, concurrency libraries, common annotations, string processing, I/O, and so forth.
Amazon Elasticsearch Service
Amazon Elasticsearch Service is a fully managed service that makes it easy for you to deploy, secure, and operate Elasticsearch at scale with zero down time.
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