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What is PopFeedback?

Create short surveys for your website that your customers will want to answer.
PopFeedback is a tool in the Survey Widget category of a tech stack.

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PopFeedback's Features

  • After a one-time code embed, you can add unobtrusive surveys to any page of your site easily from our dashboard.
  • It's easy to specify the page the survey will appear on. You can use * for wildcard characters (e.g. http://yoursite.com/*/profile would match http://yoursite.com/234/profile and http://yoursite.com/johnsmith/profile)
  • Control the display logic. Specify after how many pageviews and after how many seconds you want the survey to appear.
  • Choose a follow up action for after the user responds to the survey. You can collect an email or ask the user to follow your company on Twitter/Facebook.
  • You can export your responses to Microsoft Excel.
  • 10 color schemes so you can be sure the design matches your site.

PopFeedback Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to PopFeedback?
Once you implement the Qualaroo code (it generally only takes a couple minutes), you can easily target a survey question or two as users are making decisions on your website. Your customers will see it slide up from the bottom right-hand corner of your site.
It is an online service offers you all the tools you need to quickly create a survey, distribute it to a targeted audience such as existing or potential customers, and examine the survey results.
The fastest and easiest way to gather actionable feedback from your customers. Delighted uses the Net Promoter System to gather real feedback from your customers – in minutes not weeks.
Survey specific groups of website visitors to understand their needs, expectations, objections. Find out who they are and why they behave as they do.
It is a simple and powerful way to listen to your customers inside your product. We measure Net Promoter Score (NPS), a recognized and rigorous customer happiness metric, to keep an ongoing pulse on how your customers feel about your product. Get contextual product feedback and analytics to help you improve your product and drive agile development.
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