Product Update: New Company Profiles With Team Invites & AngelList Integration

We introduced new Developer Profiles a couple of weeks ago to help StackShare users that were sharing their profiles on LinkedIn, GitHub, and other places. The new profiles put your favorite tools and services front and center, and also list out everything in your stacks in one view.

Today, we're excited to introduce a similar update for company profiles!

New Company Profiles

What’s new:

  • New Design- similar to the new user profiles, we've put more emphasis on the tools and brought everything together in one view
  • Invite collaborators- you can now invite your teammates to collaborate on your company's stacks
  • Industry tags via AngelList- you can now tag your company to a specific industry (e.g. "E-Commerce") just by entering your AngelList URL
  • Jobs via AngelList- you now have the option of displaying jobs that are listed on your AngelList profile, on your new StackShare company profile

New Design

All the tools/services your company uses are now visible on your company profile page. For companies with multiple stacks, this will help people get a sense of everything you use but still allow them to dive into specific pieces of your architecture or separate apps by clicking on the stacks above that section.

Company profiles went from this: Old Company Profiles
to this: New Company Profiles

Invite collaborators

We've gotten requests from people that have joined StackShare and shared their company’s stack, but want to invite other engineers and team members to collaborate and add details for their stacks. Good news: you can now invite teammates to your company’s StackShare account!

First head over to your company's profile page by clicking the dropdown on the homepage (if you're signed in)

sign in

Then click the "Invite teammates to collaborate" button:

invite button

then enter the email addresses of your teammates:

invite Button

Click "Invite" and your teammates will get an email. Once they sign up they’ll be able to collaborate on your company’s stacks. Just be aware that anyone you invite has full permissions, meaning they can edit/delete your company’s page, create/edit/delete stacks under your company, and invite other teammates as well. We don't verify company email addresses here.

Industry Tags via AngelList

You can now give us your company's AngelList URL and we’ll automatically pull in the Markets Tags that you’ve listed on AngelList. Eventually you’ll be able to see stacks for all the companies in every industry. If you’re an education company for instance, you'll be able to see the most common cloud hosting services for education companies.

Update your company profile and tags by clicking the "Edit Company" button on your Company Profile page, you'll be taken to the Company Edit page:

edit company

You won't have any industry tags visible until you either enter your AngelList then click "Save" or you manually tag yourself to industries. There's a 4 tag limit (same as AngelList).

Once you've done that you'll see the grey industry tags on your Company profile and you'll be able to click them to see other companies in your industry.


Jobs via AngelList

We’ve noticed that some companies have started linking to their company’s StackShare profile on their external job listings and using their StackShare profiles as a way to give candidates for engineering positions a look at what tools and services they would be working with. So we're making it easier for companies that want to do this: you can now list job positions right on your StackShare profile.

If you've saved an AngelList URL to your company profile then we automatically pull in jobs and display them on the left side of your profile:


The job listings link directly to AngelList.

This is enabled by default if you've saved an AngelList URL, but you can disable the jobs section via the Company Edit page.

You also have the option of hiding specific positions that may not be relevant to developers. Once an AngelList URL has already been saved to your profile, head back over to the Company Edit page and you'll see a new "Jobs" section:

edit company

We’d love your feedback on the new company profiles, feel free to shoot us an email at or click the question mark in the bottom right corner.