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A fully featured SQL and C# IDE in Excel. It turns Excel into a powerful developer tool for processing tabular data and building interactive workbook applications.

QueryStorm's Features
  • Full SQL support in Excel - Use SQL to clean, query and modify data in Excel as if the data was in a database. Get the best of both worlds: the processing power of SQL and the flexibility and visualization capabilities of Excel
  • Full C# support - Run LINQ queries against Excel tables
  • automate Excel using C# (instead of VBA)
  • load data from almost anywhere using any .NET library. You can even write C# functions and call them directly from SQL (with autocomplete too)
  • Two-way database connectivity - Connecting to an external database opens a two-way connection between Excel and the database, making it easy to move data in either direction. QueryStorm supports SQL Server, Postgres, Redshift, MySql, Oracle, SQLite, Access, and ODBC.