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Hello Everyone, I'm a freelancer and I have a project for an online trivia app (not a multiplayer yet for now). I'll be using Unity for the client side, but I'm having a hard time deciding which Backend technologies should I use considering the goal is to have a large number of users in the future. I was thinking to use MySQL as the DBMS but Im planning not to use Laravel or CodeIgniter with it.

Can anyone recommend some Backend stacks that will be ideal? Kudos and Thanks in Advance!

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Hello, I'm Rubén, a software developer. I'm reading your situation and, from the looks of it, the application you want to make doesn't seem so complex as to need an actual framework. Of course, I might be wrong since you just wrote a quick explanation of your needs. My recommendation on a framework that would suit your needs (if you insist on using a framework of course) would be ExpressJS, it is easy to grasp and there's no restriction as to how to work since it is an unnopinionated framework, if you're working alone, that might be an advantage to you, otherwise I would suggest to follow an standard (any standard works, but make sure to follow one for things can get out of your hands quickly and you'll end up with disordered code).

I hope my opinion helps you in any way.

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Andy Gee
Andy Gee
June 9th 2023 at 5:14AM

If you want to do anything large scale I recommend a DB that's capable of sharding. ClickHouseDB would be the fastest. But I wouldn't recommend anything that runs on CodeIgnighter or Laravel, they are among the slowest available.

Having said that though, it's usually much easier to get a prototype working with any framework, then re-develop the backend once you're starting to scale. I know people who had Laravel projects who spent >$5000/month for hosting, they later redeveloped the backend from scratch with PHPFPM/NginX/ClickHouse and brought that down to <$250


Hi there, since you're building in Unity I'm guessing there's a chance you're using 3D assets instead of 2D assets. As you scale, you might end up making rapid changes to your project with high fidelity models where app size can hinder the user experience. echo3D is not listed on this site yet but that could be a solution for your app on the 3D asset management side as you grow! You can also update it across different platforms from one central console.

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