Vue.js vuex Quasar Framework PubNub Apache Cordova Spring Boot We built our phone app using apache cordova since it has plugins for all native mobile functionality that we needed , and it saved us time rather than maintaining separate native swift and android codebase. We used an upcoming framework called quasar that helped us bootstrap our cordova project in vue js , and also has a ton of built in vue components. In order to push data to our phone on the fly , we used pubnub. It was super easy to add in a few lines to code to do this. We would save data on the server , and use pubnub to communicate updates to all the clients. Another nifty feature offered by pubnub that we used was mobile notifications delivery. : you send data to pubnub who inturn forward it to apns or firebase depending on the payload. On the server side we used plain old spring boot application , and configured cross domain communication to allow requests from ://file domain. ( Corodva app is a bunch of web html files packaged as app ).

We also heavily used cordova plugins to talk to phone , eg. cordova-plugin-calendar and cordova-plugin-local-notification : The second one was used to generate notifications from within the app , when the app is already open but you are in a different screen and want user to be notified . If the app is not open native push notifications delivered through apns / firebase would show.

I am pretty happy with out decision . other than the fact that quasar framework got recently upgraded to v1 and some of the newer components that replace the older ones do not maintain the same look and feel , an example of that is linked below.

Q-Select is not able to replace Q-Autocomplete UI. · Issue #4732 · quasarframework/quasar · GitHub (
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