stack of

  • Clean and easy programming language. Favourite language to learn since CSS.

  • robust, fast, and easy MVC for Ruby. Now I've found it, i'm in love.

  • speeding up personal and client projects with this framework.

  • dns manager for my google domain. free ssl and analytics.

  • tracking user data and visits.

  • DRY. The core concept of Ruby, and the more I learn Ruby on Rails, the more I realize the importance of something like sass.

  • clean, concurrent code.

  • easy deployment of any personal or client project I may be working on.

  • relational database used for events/blog, sometimes more.

  • tracking goals, progress, setting due dates, collaborating.

  • easy, clean, and mobile friendly mailing campaigns.

  • easy and free version control.

  • cause raisins.

  • ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • great and straight-forward authentication and user system via ruby gem.

  • lovely text editor or any programming language you can throw at it. Love it.

  • cloud storage as my cdn