Beautiful, fast and simple property management for landlords.

  • Powerful version control. We can't imagine using anything else.

  • Provides our CDN for hosting our front-end Angular powered interface.

  • Super simple and scalable hosting for our API.

  • Our NoSql data storage. Provided to us through Modulus.

  • Powers our API along with all our DevOps tasks.

  • Extremely lean framework for our Node API.

  • Handles running tests, build steps and deploying our front-end application.

  • All our code is hosted in GIT repos on Bitbucket.

  • We take advantage of Githubs very lightweight, but powerful static file hosting for our front-end static files. But we have a CDN in front of this to ensure best performance for users anywhere.

  • Makes our CSS very maintainable by allowing for easily creating logical folder structures, variables and reusable mixins.

  • Runs a full test suite whenever we push changes to master and if everything is good, automatically deploys our changes to production.

  • Used for testing all our API endpoints.

  • We use Jasmine for all our front-end web interface tests. Works great for testing all our Angular components.

  • Our package manager for handling dependencies for our front-end interface.

  • Handles our dev dependencies and all our API module dependencies.

  • Allows us to track how our users use our application and where our users come from.

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