A REST+JSON framework for robust, scalable service architectures, by LinkedIn
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What is is an open source REST framework for building robust, scalable RESTful architectures using type-safe bindings and asynchronous, non-blocking IO. fills a niche for applying RESTful principals at scale with an end-to-end developer workflow for buildings REST APIs that promotes clean REST practices, uniform interface design and consistent data modeling. is a tool in the API Tools category of a tech stack. is an open source tool with 2.2K GitHub stars and 511 GitHub forks. Here’s a link to's open source repository on GitHub

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4 companies reportedly use in their tech stacks, including LinkedIn, Nuxeo, and jobroom2.

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A key element of Spring is infrastructural support at the application level: Spring focuses on the "plumbing" of enterprise applications so that teams can focus on application-level business logic, without unnecessary ties to specific deployment environments.
It is the only complete API development environment, used by nearly five million developers and more than 100,000 companies worldwide.
Amazon API Gateway
Amazon API Gateway handles all the tasks involved in accepting and processing up to hundreds of thousands of concurrent API calls, including traffic management, authorization and access control, monitoring, and API version management.
Insomnia REST Client
Insomnia is a powerful REST API Client with cookie management, environment variables, code generation, and authentication for Mac, Window, and Linux.
It is probably the most popular HTTP client library for .NET. Featuring automatic serialization and deserialization, request and response type detection, variety of authentications and other useful features
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