Needs advice

<UPDATE> Ok, a quick pool, then:

Would you be interested in listing (and possibly adopting) opinionated (though validated) code review processes from a centralized collaborative place, instead of researching, studying and defining everything by yourselves? Something somewhat similar to ConventionalCommits?


Hi folks, here is my question:

Given a project with a specific set of tools, including, for example, Git, conventional commits, and applying git-flow.

Besides the project setup, is there a way to generate all the standard guidelines, such as general language conventions, git-flow explanation, and best practices for commit messages, pull requests, code review, etc.?

To sum-up: Does anyone know how not to waste time setting up the same guidelines artefacts for each new project, regardless of the project's technologies?

Cheers - and may the force be us in 2021!

BTW: As English is not my first language, I would really appreciate any correction for eventual mistakes. ;)

Question: Would you be open to discuss ways of making bettercode reviews a bit more visible and or easy to find? · Issue #7 · vaidehijoshi/better-code-reviews · GitHub (
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