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Amalgalite embeds the SQLite database engine in a ruby extension
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What is amalgalite?

Amalgalite embeds the SQLite database engine in a ruby extension. There is no need to install SQLite separately. Look in the examples/ directory to see * general usage * blob io * schema information * custom functions * custom aggregates * requiring ruby code from a database * full text search Also Scroll through Amalgalite::Database for a quick example, and a general overview of the API. Amalgalite adds in the following additional non-default SQLite extensions: * ( * ( - both fts3 and fts5 * ( * ( Other extensions are add that might not be usable/visible by users of the gem. The full list of extensions added is in (ext/amalgalite/c/extconf.rb). And those may be cross referenced against the (
amalgalite is a tool in the RubyGems Packages category of a tech stack.
amalgalite is an open source tool with 74 GitHub stars and 18 GitHub forks. Here’s a link to amalgalite's open source repository on GitHub

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