Sailing forecasts for San Francisco Bay

  • Content and user management

  • Used in Drupal for customer facing website

  • Backend for Drupal data, backend for weather forecast data using PostGIS on AWS RDS

  • Service to query NOAA weather forecasts data and service to build tidal current forecast maps using AWS EC2 and Geoserver

  • Mapping frontend

  • Backend for weather forecast data that Geoserver queries to build updated weather maps

  • Manages AWS EC2 resources for custom raster mapping, updated twice daily

  • Runs Geoserver for custom mapping content

  • Web server for Drupal

  • Monitoring day-to-day operations of multiple high-performance computing assets distributed across several networks. Monitoring vendor provided data and setting up alerts when things do not show up on time.

  • Recurring subscription payments

  • Monitoring new customer sales, keeping MailChimp lists up to date with current subscriber information.

  • Mailing different groups of customers and potential customers

  • General help desk functions

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